Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another reason to travel-- or why I didn't go to Vegas this weekend

The reason Craig took off without me is because I spent Saturday in a race. The Urban Dare. If you haven't ever done an urban race and liked the show Amazing Race then you have GOT to try it!! Another alternative is High Trek Adventure. I haven't tried any of these races but they look similar to Urban Dare in premise.

The race is outlined over a 5 mile course. The problem is the clues are in no particular order so we probably covered 7 miles (what with the backtracking) Part of the reason is that we could not figure out 2 clues and when we did (after solving most of the others) we found we had to go back to where we had started! ARGH.

Basically you get a sheet of 10 or so clues that lead you to either a place to take a picture or a dare. The dare can be physical or mental. We had 4 dares. One to figure out a puzzle of letters/numbers, one to walk three legged around a park, a bean bag toss, and one wheel barrow dare. the rest of the places we had to take pictures of ourselves at the location and both of us had to be in the pictures.

For example:


The clue for this one was: This daycare is named after a Lewis Carroll novel. Get your picture in front of their sign.

If you do this race I would recommend the following:
~Figure out your clues BEFORE you take off running. This way you don't make your course longer than needed.

~Have good phones/smartphones. I had a 2 year old iphone that was temperamental and my friend had an ancient flip phone. Lesson Learned!

~Have a friend to call that knows the history of the area. While it was nice to know the city somewhat, the fact that my mother went to school downtown and was raised in the city helped tremendously. YAY MOM!

~Have several (3-4) friends who are google savvy help you figure out clues and find addresses for you. Without the help of my friend's husband and my son (who I think I will do a race with) we never would have found the last two clues.

So check out the sites, and tie up your running shoes and HAVE FUN!

Post Script 9/24
We got the results and we finished 13th out of 50 overall and were 3rd in the female partner division. GO US!!!

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