Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I get knocked down (but I get up again)...

In July my husband's boss told him to change his flight so he would leave the office earlier and hit Vegas in time for dinner. We had originally been booked to arrive around 8pm and wouldn't have made the dinner with the company. I obliged by and contacted Southwest Vacations who changed our times and refunded us $30. Dancing and fun ensued.

EXCEPT that I didn't pay attention to the fact that the person had ALSO changed the return time so that we didn't get in at 4pm as original instead we get in at 12:20 AM the next day. Ugh. While the thought of more time to play and have fun in Vegas initially sounds awesome, the thought of storing or toting our luggage around for an extra 8 hours did not.

Enter the front desk at Monte Carlo. I called to find out what check out time officially was and how I would be able to check out late. Turns out for an extra $50 we can stay in the room until 6 pm. This gives us time to have fun, have lunch TAKE A NAP and then head to the airport. I'm diggin this. The lady made a note in our filed reservations that we would pay cash when we got there so here is hoping it all turns out ok, because right now Craig is a bit miffed. And I will be big time miffed if I have to cart around a cranky 37 year old!

Updates on if it all works out to be posted as soon as we return.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Berlin Sunset

One Evening I looked out our hotel window in Berlin to this incredible technicolor view. These are all original colors no touch ups at all.




Thursday, September 2, 2010

Park Inn Hotel Prague

It's a chain. While many people love chains because it means stability, I am not a big fan of the sterility and sameness of them. However, I was unsure about the quality of hotels in Prague so I went with a chain called Park Inn. This was a few blocks off the beaten path of tourists which mean an extra stop or two on trams, but also meant seeing the university students each day going to class, and school children playing in the park with their moms and puppies. As the purpose of this trip was to show my son how America is the same and yet different from other cultures, I felt this type of location was necessary.

I had posted about the 1800 hotels disaster (of which I am now part of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings) and how I called the hotel to get reservations with no hitch.

Hmmm. Should have expected more problems. Because when we showed up on August 10, we were told the reservations were for OCTOBER 8! Didn't I say this would happen???? STUPID STUPID MONTH/DAY, DAY/MONTH problems.

Luckily the gracious people at Park Inn noted that I had already had the correct reservations, so not only did they accept the reservations, they also let us have the room at the pre-paid amount from the original 1800 hotel transaction. AND they didn't make us pre-pay. We were able to apply all our leftover Koruna to the balance.



To save energy most hotels in Europe require a key card (or really any card...Stuart left his student ID in there so we dind't have to have a key card in there all the time)


Typical half open European shower:


The view outside our hotel window...the roof top garden of the building next door. This was a beautiful escape to the urban sprawl.

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