Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best laid plans and all that

So this was the year to take a vacation from travel and I have already completed one 9 day cruise, two trips to Vegas and a surprise getaway to San Diego. Additionally in a few weeks I plan to hit Vegas AGAIN for NFR. (Again.) So maybe my vacation vacation didn't work out so well.

However I did get my degree and I do feel a lot less stressed so overall life is good!

Last night I had a costume party bon voyage for some great friends that are moving to Germany. I am so proud of them for making this change and so very very proud that I was one of the first people they told! I'm glad they knew I would support them in this incredibly nerve-wracking time but C put it best when she said "The idea of staying here was more anxiety ridden than the though of moving" paraphrased somewhat because my memory only speaks like I do! And I wondered how many of my choices in life could be made by weighing what it would be like if I DIDN'T do it versus if I DID.

Deep thoughts.

This past year has given me quite a bit of new ideas to share here and I want to get them all out. November is NANOWRIMO which is the month to write a novel. I don't want to commit to this but I DO want to commit to writing every day for the month of November. Something. Anything. To get all these ideas from my head and onto the site for posterity. Plus I have some trips I'm planning now and I want to think through all my ideas.

So see ya Tuesday!
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