Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My advice is free----so feel free to ignore it...

Because *I* obviously do! So I posted last year a couple posts about suitcases and lost luggage. The reason was because (as I have said) if anything bad can happen it WILL happen to me!

So one would think that I would take my own advice, right? One would be wrong, because did I take pictures of the suitcase before we travelled? Noooooooo. Now to be fair the suitcase they lost was the one that we had to gate check because the flight was full we were like the 2nd to last people to get on the plane with nowhere to put it.

I had been about to list all the things we had packed in the case (which again if you are planning to carry on then this is where you keep all your valuables no?) to get ready to claim when they told me it had been lost somewhere on a flight to Guam when we got the call that the suitcase would be delivered.

All is well. Nothing was stolen but I wanted to add an addendum to the packing rules. If you have valuables or medication or anything you do not want stolen, then make sure those are packed in a case that will NEVER be pried from your fingers by an overly solicitous flight attendant. All of our important documents and belongings were in a bag that stayed at my feet or on my shoulder at all times. And frankly I look menacing enough that no one would try to "help" me by gate checking it anyway.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha gonna do?

Senor Frog's t-shirt from Nassau $20
Cruise to the Bahamas $1000
Getting held on a boat for 5 hours while escorted by the Coast Guard because some dumb ass decided to tell people he had a bomb on our ship PRICELESS

Oh yes, I was on THAT CRUISE. (It even made the Drudge Report!)

The Coast Guard detail was pretty cool (although how they aren't puking over the sides in that little bitty boat is beyond me)


And of course the FEDs and Police meeting us at port.


I didn't take a picture of the idiot as he was walked in cuffs in front of me and Craig as we went to the Airport shuttle. It seemed a bit much to do that :)
More pics of Nassau coming soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I have to say I'm a bit skeptical of a restaurant that gets so many raves in national magazines that is in a strip mall. DougH is just over 2 years old. It has been featured in Food & Wine and Rachel Ray's magazine among other. I know this because there are framed articles in the hallway to the restroom.


and really that was the highlight of my visit. The restroom. The food was ok, but if I spend $8 on some olives and cheese and $15 on a cheese pizza I have some pretty high expectations. I wasn't too thrilled that we were asked initially to sit at the bar when there was a booth available. And tables here are smack close. Like I knew the life story of fellow diners when we were done you couldn't help but overhear conversations.

The bathroom was very clean and had some mood lighting to die for. I want all pictures of me in this lighting please director.



The unattended candles freaked me out for a second until I realized they were the flameless kind (because I stuck my finger in them, yes I did)


But my absolute favorite thing here was the handtowels. By this I mean TOWEL. I could dry my whole body with this sucker.


If Cindy wasn't waiting for me outside the door, I might have been tempted to stuff a few in my purse. :)
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