Monday, April 26, 2010

Dreams I'd rather not intepret

April has been wacky weird for me. So busy we haven't even had a wine club book reading and really when is it too busy to sit around drinking wine pretending one has read a book???

I've been driving around a lot and listening to German on tape so much that the other night I dreamt in German but all I could say was (in German) Where is the train station? and How much for a first class ticket? The Germans were getting frustrated with me until I yelled at them that I hadn't gotten past the second CD yet DAMMIT.

Five days left in April and every one of them is packed.

Wo is der Bahnhof?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Budgets...are made to be broken

How often does your work send you on a trip to NYC and cover all hotel/food/and travel expenses? For me it's every other year. My personal expenses are minimal so that I DO spend money on things I can enjoy only in NYC. Like a Broadway show. Sure they tour but the sheer size and scope of a production never compares to a show on Broadway. Which makes me a little peeved at this point that we are not going to see Mamma Mia because the price point of one person is out of range.

She has the potential of ruining my day and she isn't even here yet! But I shall rise above this. I mean I saw Wicked yesterday and will see Lend Me a Tenor tomorrow. I'm not musical deprived by any means.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

One-Quarter of the year is over and here's my first picture (I think)

So one of my resolutions was to post pictures of myself. So here I am on a cruise ship hanging over the balcony of the lowest furthest back balcony room you can get on the Sensation (portside I think)


And here I am right before getting my passport stamped.


This may seem like a minimal thing but last year when I went to the Bahamas with Kathryn I left my passport on the boat (as I was instructed to by my husband's aunt the uber-cruiser). Kathryn however took her passport with her and was able to get it stamped by the customs guy at 11pm 30 minutes before the ship left the port. Getting a passport stamp in Nassau is actually an interesting event as it is not required for entry and is basically hidden in the LAST room on the right after a loooooong empty hallway in a building over my right shoulder in this picture that you can't even see. Craig thought I was nuts dragging him to this place but he got his stamped too.

This weekend when I see Kathryn in NYC she promised to take pictures of me to share here. So of course I'm shopping tomorrow to get clothes that look fantasmic. Can't go to NYC with old clothes ya know.
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