Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A travel vacation--A vacation FROM travel

Last year I was a travelling maniac. I went to Vegas (twice I think), San Francisco, Denver, New York, the Bahamas, and then to Berlin and Prague. I ended the year travelled out thinking I didn't want to take another vacation for a year. Which would be interesting considering I already had a Caribbean cruise booked for my cousin-in-law's fortieth birthday.

Other than that, I wanted to stay home. Nest. Spend my last year with my oldest son at home. And yet....

Yesterday I found myself looking up plane tickets. To Spain. I have a free round trip ticket to Europe and I'm torturing myself because I cannot and will not book another ticket until after I graduate from school in May. Then I can plan an awesome trip without stress. One I can make sure is paid for and doesn't have to compete for payments against my tuition. Although it might compete against my son's.

Well no tickets except for the trip to Vegas we scheduled. But that was for DH. I'm just along for the ride. And the free Love tickets :)
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