Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rome----Ciao Bambino makes me long for it

Craig has often says he wants to return to Italy but to get a house for a week. Travelling to Tuscany however as easy as I had imagined. You must choose to fly in to Rome or Milan and even then it's a 3 hour drive (granted a gorgeous drive I'm sure) I've been thinking about how if I fly into Rome I wouldn't be able to just pass though because HELLO It's ROME!

I love the article from the NY times 36 hours in Rome, which gives me ideas of what to do in our short layover should we crash in Rome the night before our plane leaves.

Friday, October 8, 2010

New site found- WITH CONTEST! via context travel

How many times can I say I love Context Travel? Through my facebook account I noticed a contest going on at CiaoBambino! Want a 2011 Tuscan Vacation? Ok who was the knucklehead who said no? HOW CAN YOU NOT? Oh Italia I miss you so!!!

Craig and I were watching Quantum of Solace just last night and I moaned about wanting to go back to Italy. I tell you this passport is burning a hole in my pocket! Well go...sign up!

or maybe don't that way I have more of a chance to win ;)
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