Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha gonna do?

Senor Frog's t-shirt from Nassau $20
Cruise to the Bahamas $1000
Getting held on a boat for 5 hours while escorted by the Coast Guard because some dumb ass decided to tell people he had a bomb on our ship PRICELESS

Oh yes, I was on THAT CRUISE. (It even made the Drudge Report!)

The Coast Guard detail was pretty cool (although how they aren't puking over the sides in that little bitty boat is beyond me)


And of course the FEDs and Police meeting us at port.


I didn't take a picture of the idiot as he was walked in cuffs in front of me and Craig as we went to the Airport shuttle. It seemed a bit much to do that :)
More pics of Nassau coming soon!

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