Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog play and hotel stays

I'm having fun playing with the different backgrounds. I'm currently using a picture of Big Ben and the Thames. I love that I can recognize these icons but I would rather have something more generic. I'll keep playing until I find a layout and pic I really like.

I just booked our hotel for our SF race. It will be me, my mother and my aunt sharing two double beds. This should be interesting. For a variety of reasons. It was one of the only hotels in SF that would allow more than 2 people to a room. WHAT IS THAT???

Before booking any hotel I like to look at TripAdvisor.com. For two main reasons...

1. The site separates out ratings based on purpose of travel. I love this! If I'm there for business, what does a rating based on the helpfulness of the staff for a family of 6 really mean to me?

2. The site allows the hotel to respond. Any Tom, Dick and Asshole can leave a bad review. How do we know if it means anything??? Reviews should be taken with a grain of salt (GOOD AND BAD) but I've seen several hotels respond and attempt to make right bad reviews and that goes a looooong way with me.

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