Saturday, May 15, 2010

On location: Prague

Thinking about the Bourne movies, I realized that there is no better way to get a feel for a future location and put you in the mood for travel than movies set in the city you are visiting. I already knew this in the back of my head because the night before my first trip to Europe as an adult Carrie and I stayed up all night watching movies set in London and Paris so that we would fall asleep on the plane. It worked for me. Her not so much. Of course I was still sleep deprived and punchy when we fist arrived and she still teases me today about how I found EVERYTHING hilarious. Accents! Haha! Buses! Haha! Almost getting run over because we kept looking the WRONG WAY when we crossed the street Haha!

You can type in a location on IMDB and get a list of movies filmed there. IMDB lists 1169 movies set in Prague. I think I will tweak that down a bit.

So sixteen movies:
From Hell (Johnny Depp and Heather Graham)
Affair of the Necklace (Hillary Swank)
A Knights Tale (Czech countryside actually... Heath Ledger)
XXX (Vin Diesel)
Timeline (which is actually a Crichton book I've been wanting to read)
G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra (which I've seen and didn't realize was partially set in Prague!)
Casino Royale (is on my Tivo list right now Serendipity!)
Bourne Identity

Jumper (also seen! LOVE that movie for locations!)
Euro Trip
Spy Game
Chasing Liberty
Running Scared
League of Extraordinary Gentleman
AVP (who would have guessed this one??)
Mission Impossible

Today I clean my house (FUN!) and then have dinner and a movie with my oldest and will pick up 5 movies to watch tomorrow in a Prague marathon.

Movies from the list I've never seen and would be interested in:
From Hell
Running Scared

Maybe another weekend I'll work to complete this list. I don't usually rewatch movies but am willing to see a couple of these again for the location alone. Of course I have to create a Berlin list too (of which there are 3902 movies!!!)

Some of these movies cover both Berlin and Prague (like Spy Game) so those will be a must watch as well. Off to clean...

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