Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pack it in a travel size and wrap it with a bow

Years ago I realized that I would pretty much buy anything in a travel size. Or sample size. It doesn't matter what you want to call it, but if you shrink the package it's in my basket. Every year Bath & Body Works sells a bag full of samples for like $20 and I'm standing in line to buy it. Every year. I have bags to hold my bags.

So when I read about Birchbox. I squealed. I get a box of samples EVERY MONTH? Free shipping? NO TAX???? How fast can I sign up. Turns out not so fast. There is a wait list and it took me several weeks before I was able to sign up. I immediately got the full year (with one free month). I was thrilled to get a box today (even if the theme is a TV show I never watch...Gossip Girl).
Birchbox MAY 2012
These sizes look small but the goods are quality. The moisturizer is $90 full size retail and I got 1/4 full size. Which means this little jar more than made up for the $10 I paid for the box! Not bad, right? Except I'm not the biggest fan of anti-aging products for my face. But I'll use it on my neck which needs all the anti-aging I can probably find!

The things I love best about travel size is they are small (duh, right!) but that means they take up little space in luggage and you can try different products for different locations when you go to various countries. My last trip to Paris and Morocco needed vastly different products for the two locations and full sized for both would have been too cumbersome.

I'm thinking I'm going to love this company!

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