Monday, August 5, 2013

Texans in New England

I just want to take a few minutes to break my year long radio silence with some ponderings about what it is like to be a Texan in New England.

1. We cannot stop talking about your weather. You have water that comes from the sky! This is novel to us. We must make many many comments on this. And of course get soaking wet because who would pack an umbrella in August???

2. We are tall, y'all. It's terrilbly disconcerting to watch everyone enter the bathroom. FROM BEHIND YOUR STALL DOOR.

3. The Mass Pike is the Hotel California of roads. Once you enter you can never leave!

4. Exits do not match street names. We need to exit at Melnea was I supposed to know that was the South Boston exit?

5. Roads disappear because bridges close. In the middle of the night. While you are trying to get to the airport.

6. Street signs might appear BETWEEN blocks. Is the sign for the first or second street? It's a gamble! It's fun!

Craig and I spent several days in the Berkshires and a whilrwind 16 hours in Boston. We had a blast, but we were defintely Strangers in a Strange Land!!

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