Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

We all have those realization moments where we just want to shake ourselves and say to SHUT THE HELL UP. Or is that just me? Probably. A favorite store of mine is having a sweepstakes and the winner gets to choose a trip to New York, Paris, Rome or London. Sounds cool right? It is! Except that my first thought when I saw the options was AWWW but I've already been to those places. Twice.

At this point, I am sure I hear violin music and tears are coming to your eyes. I mean you feel for me right? So, yeah. I'm an idiot. Years ago when my youngest son was sick on my trip to Morocco, it caused major problems for my husband who had to take time off from his job (which I the funds for my travelling, mind you). So he metaphorically has taken away my passport. If he had any idea where I kept it, he would literally take it away too I'm sure. Luckily, he can't find anything that isn't attached to his hand.

So in the past months I have been looking at my Bucket List and realizing I have quite a few things I want to accomplish that have nothing to do with travel at all. In July, I took my cousin and the niece of my heart skydiving as their graduation present. At the beginning of August, I began what is likely to be the toughest Bucket List goal ever. I am in the midst of it and it is WORK I tell you, I am spending 90 days getting my body in optimal health. I already work out quite a lot and decided it was time to take control over my diet. So a little over a month ago I cut out all processed food from my diet. How does one do that, you might ask. Well, the answer is with A LOT of cooking and dishes. Like we run the dishwasher three times a day now! But it is amazing the changes I am noticing in myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There is something special about only eating real foods, and especially real foods that you took time and care crafting into nutritious, delicious meals. It's work, y'all. However, I think that in a couple of months (when I am finished and likely never to look at a boxed or frozen meal happily again) I will love the results and appreciate the time and energy I took in crossing that item off my list.

I have a few more things I am working on as I count down the days until I can immerse myself in a location that speaks no English. And honestly, all of those things will make me a better person than I am today. And for that I am thankful :)

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