Friday, December 11, 2009

Curious George and the Catholic School Girl

Last Sunday I dressed up as a Catholic School Girl to appear in the audience of a show I am contractually obligated not to speak of in any manner. So I won't go into any details about that experience per se but I do want to talk about a person we met while waiting for the interview. Standing behind my mother in law was a man wearing an NFR jacket. Apparently he owned the bull Curious George who was performing the next night at the rodeo. This was serendipitous as WE were attending the rodeo the next night. So i was sure to video Curious George's performance :)

Curious George won....barely. Actually the stock for Bull Riding won all the events that night. Not a single cowboy made the 8 seconds! And if one of them had they would have won over $58000 for 8 seconds of a ride. I was tempted to shove Craig down there on the bull for that amount of money!

This made bronc riding look like a tea party. Or the bare back (saddle? I don't need no stinkin' saddle)

Now what impressed me the most were the calf ropers. Single man ropes the calf jumps off moving horse, flips the 300 pound calf then ties 3 limbs together and gets back on the horse. in 7 seconds. Watch the horse. They pay good money for horses trained to do that. Not an inch slack in that rope!

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