Thursday, December 10, 2009

Las Vegas---the City of Love (in an elevator)

Read the article published by Los Angeles Times.,0,5491411.story

"And the heroines it depicted lived out female professional -- not necessarily sexual -- fantasies long before they became reality."

This was posted on a message board I frequent so Tracy and I went to see the display at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. What was really cool is that last year I volunteered to be my daughter's cheer coach (I know don't fall out of your chairs) and the head coach is a romance author who writes under the name of Kimberly Raye.

The display was very interesting really. About the history of Harlequin (it was originally a male/female publisher of mystery type books until the owners wife said hey I think Romance is the way to go!!!)

Here is the hotel:


The display (which was a bit hidden and hard to find :)


Kim's book on display:

How glad I am the covers have gome from this:


to this!!!


Next up tomorrow....RODEO! Long Live Cowboys!!!

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