Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas....a gift for you (packing 101)

On the way to packing for NFR in Vegas my husband complained about how his boots took up so much room. This led me to one of my packing lectures in which I invoked Rule #2 of the Cardinal Law of Packing.

Thou Shalt Wear Your Largest Pair of Shoes on the Plane.

Double points to your if these shoes:

a) *slip on and off without laces, hooks, or straps.
b) *require socks.
c) are comfortable.

So Cowboy boots are the pinnacle of shoes to wear of an airplane as they cover all of these. ESPECIALLY if for Christmas you get a pair of Lucchese boots that you never want to take off.

I have me some BIG FEET anyway (read Size 11 Peggy Hill feet)


so buying shoes is as fun for me as getting my various body parts waxed. I was surprising Craig with a pair of Lucchese boots for Christmas. These boots are the most comfortable cowboy boots known to man. And when I saw the various styles I knew I needed some. Unfortunately only a couple of stores carry my size so I had to travel extra distance to get my pair. As soon as I saw these beauties I knew they were mine.


I had been envying The Pioneer Woman hers for months now. But I was torn, brown or black? I settled for the brown pair because these suckers are expensive and no way could I get both.

BUT Craig calls me from work and says, guess your getting your black pair after all. His boss (the one who had bought me my treasured suitcase) had given him a $200 gift card to the Lucchese store here in town. This could be put TOWARD a pair of boots (which should give you an idea of how expensive these beauties can be!) So I bought these as well. Snoopy dancing did in fact occur.

*The reason for these two is of course the dreader airport security line where you don't want to be trapped having to tie/untie shoes and you DEFINITELY don't want to be walking around there in bare feet. I get the shivers even thinking about it.

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