Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Travel Plans

January: Shreveport with Craig's grandmother and mother. There is also a threat that I will have to travel for business to New York City or Cincinnati. What a choice. Dear madam, would you like the filet de bouef or the dog sandwich?

February: Said work trip may also occur here (it if occurs at all)

March: Cruise to the Bahamas with Craig


May: Denver for professional presentation (paid by my university...does it get any better? Ok maybe in Rome? Or Tahiti? Why can't AERA be in Tahiti?)

June: Seattle with youngest then Victoria/Vancouver with Tracy


August: Berlin/Prague with son

September: Las Vegas with Craig's work

October: San Francisco for Nike Women's marathon. Maybe should decide soon if I want to do the half or full marathon.


December: Las Vegas for NFR?

Bucket List items I would like to complete this year:

Sky dive... My son's girlfriend is an avid skydiver. Maybe in 2010 I can lose enough to comfortable do this!

Learn another language...which ties in with:

Visit Prague

Give my mother a dozen red roses and tell her I love her. It is very possible that I will be in Washington on her birthday. I'd love to give them to her in person.

Spend 3 months getting my body in optimum shape

Make yourself spend a half-day at a concentration camp and swear never to forget I've planned to visit one with my son outside Berlin.

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