Thursday, January 7, 2010

Casinos- caveat emptor

I'm booking our rooms for our trip to Shreveport today and I thought of a couple things to make sure to list here. If you are planning a trip where you will stay in a casino, plan to have smoke blown in your face. Repeatedly. This is the last bastion of play for smokers and they work it for all it's worth. Because of this when you book a room be SURE to specify that you want nonsmoking. Stale cigarette smoke takes over and the next thing you know you are febreezing your shoes. Forty times. Six months later.

Also people drink in casinos. A lot. It's free when you are gambling so people tend to jump on that like a duck on a june bug. Early morning isn't necessarily safe because it means you have all the drunks on the casino floor who haven't yet passed out, taking at you thisclose, with whiskey and cigarette breath. And they don't make sense but get pissy when you don't respond.

But despite all that i'm looking forward to my trip :) The first time I went to Vegas (and the second time I went to a casino) this all bothered me greatly. But then I learned that 10 am is the best time for me to play. The drunks are passed out in their rooms, the day shift is nicer, the tables are cheaper and nobody cares that you are drinking heavily. Also a reason I haven't taken my mother!

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