Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craps table: 2, Craig and Andrea: 0

Wowzer. Luck has left us entirely. I mean we must have really pissed her off because she kicked us out somewhere in east Texas leaving us with our suitcases, empty pockets and no cell coverage.

We had a great time with the MIL and GMIL who are quite a pair.

MIL: So Mom when you travel on the bus to Louisiana do you always stay together?
GMIL: No not usually.
MIL: Then why am I following you everywhere?
GMIL: (Pausing and looking at MIL) I have no idea.

We had to hogtie and blind fold GMIL to get her to a $10 breakfast buffet and then stop her from packing her full purse with snacks for later (see also: Winnings, GMIL). I was glad the slut Luck had spent some time with GMIL but really she couldn't spread out her favors???

Notes on Shreveport/Bossier City:

All casinos are on boats.
Smoking is very heavy and your clothes and hair WILL smell like smoke if you step foot on the boats.
Boomtown was a great hotel and the 1800 restaurant was tasty, but the buffet and cantina were bnot so good. (Note to self, South Texans should NEVER eat Mexican food in LA)
Horseshoe is most like Vegas in style and offerings. If you want to feel like you are in Vegas stay and gamble there.
When it is dead they close all the tables and getting in a game is difficult (esp. if there are 2 of you). So be prepared to gamble none. Or mayhap that was just a sign from God that it was time to get our broke selves off that boat.

Also, comps are much better there than in Vegas. Overall it was entertaining. The drive was Loooooooong so I would want to do it with people I like for certain. We'll do it again and hope that slut luck (cuz she's no lady) will rub elboes with us again.

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