Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rome in a day, leave with a purse

My friend Janet asked me a seemingly innocuous question that morphed into a 20 minute lecture on how I don't love any of my children more than another.

Seriously, having to choose what activities to do with ONE DAY in Rome was like asking me which arm or leg I would prefer to part with. I even tried to get Craig to help make my decision and it was a lively discussion for true.

No one should travel to Rome and not take a tour with Context Travel. In fact, if I had only a day there I would pack in two tours: Vatican City in the morning and The Forum and Colisseum in the afternoon. And while I was walking from tour to tour I would stop by the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain along the way.

Then I would sneak over to Campo di Fiori to Ibiz leather, a family owned leather shop I totally stole this from Lonely Planet:

near Campo De' Fiori, Via dei Chiavari 39,
Centro StoricoS
06 683 07 297
Transportbus: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

It's hidden really and the only way I foudn it was the open door to the men and women working inside hadcrafting the bags. I saw that and my wallet just screamed to purchase something. I went back twice. In fact I would even go back to Rome just for these bags.

If you are in Rome for a few days, you can stop in and special order a bag to be made for you. How cool is that?

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