Monday, February 22, 2010

Cruise countdown....

Craig and I are taking a cruise in about 30 days to the Bahamas. This will be his first cruise and I have to say I'm a bit concerned. I wanted to list my concerns here so that when I get back I can address them and see if they were unfounded at all. His cousin wants us to take a 7 or 8 day cruise next year and I really wanted to dip Craig's feet in the cruising water before that big of a leap.

1. Breakfast food. This is our favorite meal and can easily make or break a trip.

2. Dinner Companions. Actually dinner in total. Sitting with strangers, the kind of food, the quality, I could go on....why are my top two concerns food???? Becuase that is the hell that is travelling with Craig. Food concerns.

3. Activities on Nassau.
It's pretty commercialized and we want to getaway. So I have the Frommer's guide to find the more secluded beaches. Here's hoping.

4. The size of the cabin. I chose a balcony this trip but for the longer cruise am hoping Craig will say it was a waste of money so we can get an interior. This way we can save money to spend on alcohol...which travelling with family is alwas required.

5. Tipping. this is amajor sore point for Craig and the basis of all money made by the people in the service portion of the ship. I need to prep him now so he isn't freaked out that the tips are so big.

I am fully aware of how large my list is, but we are really bad at first time travelling. We like to go where we know things. My first cruise was ok but not the best thing ever and frankly it was the company that made it fantastic. SO this time I am going in knowing what to expect and hopefully will come away happier for it.

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