Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fears of travelling debunked

I think that most people who love to travel get a lot of flak from people who don't have the wanderlust. Why go outside the country to see things when our own country has so much to offer? I get this question ALL THE TIME. I try to be polite. Personally, I want to travel to great distances as young as possible because I see my parents and aunts and uncles and frankly aging sucks. I probably won't want to fly 6000 miles when I'm 70. But then again knowing me I probably will. Regardless, why wait? It's not that I don't want to see America. I do! It's just that most of it is a car ride away (and I live in Texas people!) My parents own an RV I will likely inherit someday so I can RV my way across the country in my 70s and 80s. But for the next 30 years I want to see the rest of the world. And here are some great travel fears debunked.

My personal favorites (and the ones I hear the most are):

One of the biggest fears about traveling is crime. And I admit that crime is a concern for me while traveling. It certainly can happen so you have to keep yourself safe. But some people take this fear way too far.

My family was all up in arms over the fact that I booked a private excursion for us on Jamaica. Images and stories of past horrid crime were flowing freely. I calmly called the company and discussed their fears and then looked up facts. Turns out that San Antonio is probably more dangerous that Falmouth, Jamaica any day of the week. Though I'm not planning a trip to Kingston any time soon.

I’ve heard some people cite terrorism as a big concern when they decide where and when to travel. However, I think it depends on the events going on in the world and the country in question. The less prominent terrorism is in the news, the less likely you’ll hear it being used as a reason not to travel.

You wanna hear about this? Travel to an Islamic country. I can't tell you how many ignorant comments I got about Morocco before I went. And the worry about it being "near" Libya. Buy a map people.

It’s always a good thing to check out the diseases you might face while traveling. You don’t want to catch malaria, dysentery or typhoid while enjoying your travels. However, you can preempt a lot of these diseases by getting immunization shots. If you keep clean and avoid dirty water, you’ll immensely decrease your likelihood of catching anything.

Ok I do consider this a real worry. But it's not stopping me. We have a great health system here and I have good insurance. I got my shots and watched the water I drank and foods I ate and I was fine.

Jet Lag however is a mofo!

So what are your fears? What is stopping you from seeing what you want to see? As you get in your car to drive to the store (which is far more dangerous than a terrorist threat) know that traffic abroad can be just as deadly. But it doesn't even put a dint in our activities at home? Why would it stop me abroad????

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