Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh how we love lists!!

So many places where to start? I have friends who don't travel as much as I do and when they ask me where they might go on vacation, I don't know where to start!! Do you want nature or culture? People or peace? Calm or Chaos? I have seen (and enjoyed all of those!) So instead of a place I will tell people a website to check out. It condenses the world into 100 places.  And while you don't have to see them all to be happy, at least you have a place to start!

I've only been to 17, and frankly a couple on the list I'm not really interested in seeing, but it gives you an idea of what you can choose from!

1. Los Angeles | California | North America

23. Seattle | Washington State | USA | North America

24. Puerto Rico | Caribbean

30. Key West Florida | USA | North America

31. New Orleans | Louisiana | USA | North America

35. Prague | Czech Republic | Europe

42. Walt Disney World | Florida | North America

49. New York | USA | North America

51. Washington DC | District of Columbia | USA | North America

53. Rome | Italy | Europe

57. Paris | France | Europe

73. Las Vegas | Nevada | USA | North America

74. St Tropez | French Riviera | France | Europe

75. Venice | Italy | Europe

79. San Francisco | California | USA | North America

88. Marrakesh | Morocco | Africa

97. London | England | UK | Europe

See how many you have visited!!



  1. i thought that i wouldn't have that many if you only had 17 but i've actually been to 11 from this list. Definitely given me some new ideas for sure.

  2. so glad to see you on my blog!!! What is funny is that we have so many different items in our list too LOL!


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