Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paris shopping (via context travel)

Context Travel's blog lists 8 things to buy in Paris. I feel the need to share here and comment (of course).

1. Chocolate. In the 6th there are a couple of my favorite places to buy chocolates: for gifts, for inspiration, for their artistry. Patrick Roger at 108 Boulevard Saint-Germain and Pierre Marcolini at 89 Rue Seine. I’m sure there are more and even better ones. Please add your ideas below.

2. Everyone knows that clothes are just better in Paris. Often more expensive, I’ll submit, but always higher quality, better style, nicer stores and displays. The same holds true for children’s clothing. In the Gap and Old Navy-filled US, the contrast to comparably-priced French chain stores is stark. My favorites are Du Pareil Au Même and Okaidi for jeans, stylish tops, and scarves for kids.

Um yeah only if you are size 8 or less. Which I am not. Nor have I been since 1985. When I was 10 years old.

3. In the same vein as item number 2, I’ll admit that I always buy my daughters’ underpants in Paris. Before you think I am really crazy, let me explain. I have three daughters, so those little bits of cotton and elastic get a lot of wear and the standard ones tend to fray at the waist and legs and split at the seems right around daughter number 2. There is an expensive brand that holds up impeccably through all three that can be found in boutique US shops. The brand is Petite Bateau and in Paris you can pick up 3-packs at your local Monoprix—French version of Target.

4. Garrice at 30 Rue de Rivoli. I never buy, but I love to look.

5. This one’s a little out-dated, but still on my list. Muji is a Japanese brand that is now found in most major cities (though not Philadelphia), but when I moved to Paris from Rome it was really only here and in Japan. Think Ikea, but small, high-end, and Japanese; then add clothes; then make them fit smaller people really well. You see why I like them?

6. Comptoir des Contonniers I do buy, here.

7. Fleur de sel. Yes, I know you can get it on Amazon, but I still pick up a package from the market in Paris.

Also I find Herbs de Provence and get them too.

8. The pharmacy. Any one will do. There are several in each neighborhood and they are chock full of things I need. I always get sunscreen here, usually Avène or LaRoche Posay. I get skin cream from Caudalie, shaving cream from Avène, and whatever homeopathy I can think of.

Had a HORRID experience once finding nail polish remover in a French pharmacy. They scare me.

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