Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Because I had done my research beforehand I was determined to not leave San Juan without a purse. For a unique gift that no one else hed ever heard of I went to Concalma which is like shopping in a storage room. I have to admit it was strange. Some of the handbags hung from poles throughout the store and some were laid out on a table with no particular pattern. But the bags were exactly what I was looking for: handmade in Puerto Rico by a women's coop.

Then of course I shopped for a Parazul bag for me. Overall, my biggest memory of Puerto Rico is shopping :) Though the fact that the ship arrived at 7am and left at 2pm had a lot to do with that.

Also the fact that my other memory is my son calling to tell me he was in a wreck. Great thing about cell coverage is finding out what is going on at home. And then again. It isn't always good news :(

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