Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reasons why Craig is not my go-to travel companion

There are married people who spend most of their lives together, never apart for more than a day. These people have identical tastes, both loving comic books, or drag racing, or rodeo. We are not these people. Craig and I have been married almost 19 years (in 3 weeks!) and I am realizing that I have been married and with Craig longer than I was without him. Personally I love that. For some people this would give them itches and the need to "find themselves."

Well my itching usually is attributed to "finding the world." I NEED to experience the world. I NEED to taste, touch, and smell the world. Craig does not. Craig likes the stay home (thought not necessarily being a single dad...that has been negotiable). I was reading a blog post today and I realized there are a couple reasons why Craig isn't my go-to travel companion.

1. Craig is a picky eater. Matt Long has a great post about his pick eating and KUDOS for him for not letting it hinder his travel. For Craig, what he can eat in a foreign country is terrorizing. It requires intense research on mmy part. Likewise when he finds something he knows he likes, he is a creature of habit. He ALWAYS orders the same thing at restaurants. This meant in Rome, the city of fantastic cuisine we went to the same restaurant for dinner multiple times. While I was eating Zucchini flowers and deep fried rice balls, he had steak and potatoes. Again.

2. Craig loves America. This is his go to reason when you ask him because he doesn't like to admit #1. But it really is true. And I would let him get away with this if he didn't want to go to Vegas three times a year. I'm saving this travel with Craig for when I get older and we can RV our way across the country. Plus here he can a) Understand the language and b) read the menu (and other stuff but I know the menu is most important!)

3. I like to plan, Craig likes to fight all my plans. It makes for a fun and interesting vacation. Also high blood pressure, heart burn, and epic fights on the Roman transit system. Luckily those Romans are expressive and loud with their hands too.

4. I love my marriage and husband. I want to keep it that way :)

This is not to say I don't force him to go places. I got him to Rome! I got him on a cruise! I will someday get him to Oceania. But for now we are happy with him at home and me travelling abroad. Plus I let him go play at the farm any time he wants, all alone.

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  1. Classic. I love traveling with you BECAUSE you plan. And you're fantastic company.


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