Thursday, October 15, 2009

My city has a pack of roving....chihuahuas....

Not that this has tons to do with travel except that in an attempt to procrastinate doing school work and/or packing I am surfing and seeing what other places have this problem that I heard on the radio.

Huh, who knew?

As of now I am about 19 hours from getting on a plane and I have a bag somewhat packed. Ok not really packed so much as piled. Ok so not really piles so much as strewn across the bed. But I do have them grouped into days so I don't forget a key piece... like, say... pants.

I have trouble sleeping before trips. This is probably why I have no problem sleeping on planes. My body adrenaline rush wanes and I am able to sleep in any manner schlumped in a seat. Often leaning on complete strangers without any shame. That is right. I am that hated middle seat person who takes up too much room. Not because I am overweight (which ok I am but not TERRIBLY), but I am a 5'10" woman and my knees don't bend the way they used to. So I tend to LEEEEAAAANNN a bit in my seat :)

I also have about 6 hours of classwork I need to complete in like 4 hours and I have zero motivation. Which was funny when it was for my motivation class but this is for my identity class and i'm having a bit of a crisis. I can't make myself care enough. Le Sigh. I am totally drinking an entire bottle of champagne all by MYSELF when I get to SF.

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