Thursday, October 1, 2009

Speaking of Money Sense

While perusing one of my links (see I do look at what I suggest to you!) I found this nifty little Travel Budget Calculator. Start off in their site and get a feel for what you dream to spend and where you can cut costs. I copied the sections and added them to Excel so you can copy from here and save your budget to your computer for future use.

Air Travel
Airfare: $
Checked baggage fee: $
Airport parking: days at $/day
Airport transfers: $

Car rental: $
Gas: $
Other car expenses (tolls, parking): $
Rail passes/train tickets: $
Public transportation & taxis: $

Accommodations & Meals
Accommodations: nights at $/night
Meals: days at $/day
Tips (for tour guides, hotel staff, etc): days at $/day

Sightseeing & Activities
Vacation package/organized tours: $
Nightlife/entertainment: $
Spa treatments: $
Activities, tours & entrance fees: $
Souvenirs/shopping: $

Cruise fare: $
Shore excursions: $
Dining surcharges: $
Fitness classes: $
Spa charges: $
Private pool cabanas: $
Internet onboard: $
Cocktails and sodas: $
Onboard gift shop: $
Gratuities: days at $/day

Other Expenses
Travel insurance: $
Passports, visas & travel documents: $
Pet or child care while away: days at $/day
Phone/calling card expenses: $
Internet access/cafes: $
Currency exchange & bank fees: $
Immunizations/medications: $
Luggage & gear: $
Miscellaneous: $

Add Your Own!

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