Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegas - A buffet isn't a buffet isn't a buffet

Last year I went to Vegas 4 times. This year I will go 3 times. My husband will go four times this year. We like Vegas. My dad is actually concerned I have a problem with gambling, but that isn't why I love Vegas (although I do ADORE craps).

I like Vegas because it doesn't matter what time of day you can find a place to eat. Several places. There is all day and all night entertainment, which is why I chose Vegas as my place to travel to cross off my Bucket List. A 24 hours, no luggage, never sleep vacation. It was a blast!

However in the morning, we wandered around like lost sheep looking for a breakfast buffet. We are breakfast people. I could eat a big breakfast and then not eat all day. And up until last year Ballly's on the strip had the BEST BREAKFAST BUFFET in the city. So imagine our horror when we went there last year at asscrack of dawn to find that said buffet no longer existed. (This day is also known as the DAY OF ALL DARKNESS as it took Craig at least 24 hours to stop mourning). Henceforth we have been trying to find a goof breakfast buffet.

So far the top runner is Monte Carlo. I've only been once and I wasn't terribly impressed but Craig went back last month and still said it was decent. Not Bally's but then, nothing is SOB!

I wonder if we start a petition if they would bring it back......

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