Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unpacking OCD....

While it may take me until the last minute to pack, when it comes to UNPACKING I do that completely before I fall asleep when I get back home. Even somewhat injured from my half marathon I hobbled around the house putting things away because I couldn't fathom trying to sleep while my luggage remained packed. I have so many posts I want to share!

To organize my thoughts I am listing the upcoming posts in the next week or so.

The Nike Women's Half Marathon.
Hot Air Balloons over (Not) Napa Valley
Beach Blanket Babylon
Italian Food Times Due
Good versus Bad Hostesses (One guess as to which one *I* am)

So that should take me a week or so to put together. LOTS of pics to share. And if I can figure out how to create it a short youtube from the balloon ride.

I came back with so much stuff I was glad they gave out bags at the race or I would have had to buy a new bag. I checked my luggage because I came home with 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of sparkling wine (can't call it champagne if it's from CA!!!) It was so weird because I kept thinking I could only bring home two bottles (customs laws) but finally Janet said something along the lines of me being Texan and thinking I live in another country LOL! Oh yeah duh! There is no limit (except what my suitcase can hold!!)

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