Friday, March 9, 2012

Camels are called "ships of the desert" for a reason

So one week before leaving for my trip I did research on how to ride a camel. Not my best preplanning move ever. I immediately went to my fitness instructor and said I needed to work out my inner thighs. A lot. In a new exercise segment she called the "Andrea workout" (which I didn't really appreciate because my name has been damned numerous times the past week) she worked inner thigh muscles I didn't know I had. I certainly hope this helps somewhat when I hold on with all my might using only my inner thighs.

Research will show you that riding a camel is not like riding a horse. I kind of already knew this what with being 9 feet in the air during the ride. This is not much lower than the roof of a house. So jumping off a camel is not really a likely method of dismounting. Their little spindly legs worry me because I am not little and I don't care that they are used to hauling hundreds of pounds of cargo across long stretches of desert.

Here is a short video to give you an idea:

I hope when I get back I can post a video of one of us showing off as well! I certainly hope we get our own camel because those sharing don't look comfortable!

Additionally, some friends of mine who lived in Saudi Arabia warned me about the rocking motion. So I have stocked up on DRAMAMINE. I will be sure to take it before we get on the camel because the last thing I want is to be sea sick in the middle of the desert 9 feet off the ground! (See also: NO TOUCH MONKEY! On Dress)


  1. Haha! Ships of the desert! I had never heard that before, but that makes sense! Good luck! Nothing wrong with super-strong inner thighs :-)

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I will be posting my own pics and videos soon. I have to ssay working out helped immensely. You totally engage your core as the camel walks DOWN the dunes. It's very scary because you are so far up. And NO ONE warned me about how hard it is to climb UP the dunes. I was determined to do it on my own and I did (thanks to Pulse and Pump classes!!)


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