Friday, March 2, 2012

February: a month in review

This will be quick. I accomplished nothing beyond eating Kimchi with Erin and working out a lot. Not that I am complaining about that! I've found exercise to be the best stress reliever I could find! Plus I get to have an excuse for not completing the projects I need to complete. (I'm getting healthy you know, somehow that excuse trumps all.) Also just in under the wire, I watched Hurt Locker on February 29th. Am now feeling politically knowledgeable and Pop Culturally aware (three years later).

I did have a moment of finding about myself while shopping, when I realized that if you give me $88 of stuff free when I spend $17.50, I will in fact spend more than that. In fact I spent it before walking three feet deep into the store. But I'm justifying this by thinking that if I leave all this makeup behind in Africa because it gets confiscated for being TOO LOUD! I will be out $25. ($10 actually because I used a $15 gift card a friend gave me for Christmas!) Check it out! Not bad for $10!!!


And no. I have absolutely no idea where I would wear yellow eye shadow. Or that green either. Which is strangely reminiscent of my 10th grade History teacher Mrs. Freeman with her green polyester pants.

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