Thursday, March 22, 2012

Travel with a Purpose: Costa Rica Chica

I will make it to Costa Rica some day. Flights to San Jose are crazy cheap and short from Texas and I'm not really sure why I haven't gone there yet. Craig is on the fence after seeing a web page with the variety of snakes available to play with (read: run away from) in the glorious junglish atmosphere. I have mental images of him in a tree canopy refusing to come down because there is a flashy reptile on the ground. Probably I'm holding it. He once almost jumped out of a two story building, because I was trying to get him to touch a ball python. I even knew of his fear at the time. I can be mean that way.

Opportunities to volunteer in Costa Rica are plentiful. I did a google search and found pages of ideas (and even some news stories!). The one that popped up and seemed interesting is Sea Turtle Conservation. The costs seems the most affordable of places that I've seen so far. Two weeks is $1050. This is cheaper than cruising!

Actually I really like this company from what I read. Would love to do more research on it! I think I'd like to do a Spanish immersion in Chile :)

CAVEAT EMPTOR: I personally have not worked with this orgainzation. Be sure to do all due diligence in researching a group before giving them any money and travelling to a foreign country to work with them!!!

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