Thursday, March 8, 2012

Travel with a Purpose: Voluntourism in France

I am always surprised to see France (especially the Eiffel Tower) on so many people's bucket lists. While I love Europe, because I think it's the perfect place to dip your toes into travel, France has always been the place others wanted to go and I happily tagged along. Don't get me wrong. Paris is a fantastic place to be the typical traveler. Matt Long covers this fabulously in the fact that so much of the Parisian experience is being part of the cliche! Baguettes, the Metro, and picnics near the Louvre. The participation in Parisian life and being a tourist is really no different that what true Parisians do! There are a variety of volunteering positions in France but the ones I think are most fascinating are outside the city. And really the South of France is nothing to sneeze at either!

Concordia is a UK based company that offers farm and volunteering opportunities from construction to true archaeological work. France is an expensive travel destination so I think this would be a fantastic idea! So get your Indiana Jones on and check it out!

CAVEAT EMPTOR: I personally have not worked with this orgainzation. Be sure to do all due diligence in researching a group before giving them any money and travelling to a foreign country to work with them!!!

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