Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travel with a Purpose: A company to put on your radar: Earthwatch

I had lunch with Erin again last week and she asked if I had heard of Earthwatch, which I hadn't. She told me I needed to go home and look it up immediately and so I did. Not because I listen so well really but more because she really intrigued me. Earthwatch is about travel and volunteering but it's also about working with scientists and their endeavors around the world. So like basically, it's my dream trifecta! There are lots of options but recently I had a dream about working on Easter Island so this one jumped out at me.

"On this expedition, you'll help researchers examine the role of prehistoric rock mulching and rock placement in Rapa Nui gardens and agricultural systems as ways of creating a sustainable agricultural system. You'll also help conduct experiments assessing whether and how this prehistorical technology could be re-introduced on the island today."

Let me make clear though. These ARE NOT CHEAP. There are other options at varying lengths and activity levels but I haven't looked closely enough to see if this included airfare. I am doubting it. However this is a true scientific endeavor so you could probably get donations to help with your trip as well. Would LOVE to hear from anyone who has completed an Earthwatch Expedition.

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