Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to pack your life (or two months of it) in 22"

Pay attention, Nancy, it goes fast (or so Matt says!)

I think I've seen this method before in ancient rugs and baskets. And also? I don't like to do laundry on a trip but then the chances of me needing to pack for 60 days is very, very low. I think the little handy, dandy scale is really cool.


  1. That takes MAJOR patience. I'm one of those people that realizes I forgot something in my bag once I have it all neatly packed and zipped up...that would kill me! I <3 my packing cubes cause I usually just have to fix the cube that I am taking clothes out of instead of the entire bag!

  2. I love packing cubes too! And for the exact same reason. It's easier for me to organize and recognize if I'm missing something this way. Plus I travel often to multiple cities so I don't ahve to take everything out for the couple days I'm in one place. Just the cube packed just for that location!


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