Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pictures I WISH I had taken

I take a lot of pictures when I travel (hundreds) and when I look back over past trips the one thing I wish I had more pictures of was PEOPLE. Those people who made my trip extra special.

For Example:

1. Neville (or was it Nigel? It was some very British, "N" name)- Kathryn and I hired a cab for two hours to see the "true" island and Nassau. He was true to his word. Apparently he was a former police officer and had contacts all through the island, stopping a few time to talk to cops working the streets to get info. He started at the bottom and took us to the (for lack of a better word) Ghetto where he explained the stray dog problem on the island. We ended up at Atlantis where he snuck us in (because the security guard was also a former cop) and we saw the aquariums and stuck our toes in the famous man made beach.

2. The young man and woman from Amsterdam who sat with us on the train from Prague to Dresden- They had worked in Vienna at a hotel for the summer and were working their way home via Prague to visit other countries. These amazing children (the girl was only 16) travelled all over Europe on their own. They could speak several languages and were very informative about travelling to Amsterdam (restaurants are mostly tourists and businessmen because families do not eat out in The Netherlands). They also had lots of questions about the US we were happy to answer.

3. Rodney- our bartender on our Western Caribbean cruise. I am so hoping he will be on the ship this trip too. He was the manager of the pool area bars and when we showed up every day he would know our drinks and tell us stories about his home country (Jamaica, where we will be travelling this time so hopefully he can help us on stuff to do as well!).

4. Brandon- (AKA Miss Kitten Caboodle) Brandon lead a group of five ladies through the hot spots of Las Vegas with patience and calm. He made sure we were properly taken care of at every night club and let us know all the ins and outs of VEgas night clubs. Brandon is the reason I want to dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly. He is also the reason I dressed like a drag queen last Halloween.

I guess the adage is You never regret taking too MANY pictures. I know this is my Aunt Jeannette's philosophy ;)

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