Monday, January 30, 2012

Toilet Paper, Immodium, and Ear Plugs

I mean if there is anything that will make you decide to just stay home it's the suggested packing items for Morocco! I was aware of the toilet paper issue. Having personally stood over a gap in the earth called a rest room in Italy, I was not worried so much about the toilet differences. I was already a little leery about the sanitary eating issues though when I was getting poked and prodded for my Hepatitis shots.

I was also not aware that prayers were called at night. So I plan to pack ear plugs, but still doubt I'll be able to hear much over the noise of my aunt's IPAP and snoring (kidding!) (kind of!).

So basically extra packing things for Morocco needs to include :

Wet Ones (I have these oil of olay wipes I'll probably take instead)
Anti-diarrhea medicine (though I usually have the opposite problem when travelling so I'll take that too)
Ear plugs
Toilet Paper
Sunscreen (I don't really like the way I look in hats, so taking one will be a chore for me) and
A hard sided suitcase for all the undetermined fragile things I'm taking back home.

Still trying to determine if the awesome Moroccan shoes are made in giant human sizes.

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  1. I will be bringing toilet paper as well for my trip to China. They also have many squat toilets there. My first squat toilet was also in Italy. It's just wrong!! I want my porcelain toilet please!

    I am staying at a place with no showers for two nights. So I will be using Wet Ones to bathe myself! EEK!


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