Tuesday, November 1, 2011

By this logic I am also wanted in INDIA

In March my husband's cousin celebrated his 40th anniversary with a cruise. While this sounds fun in general it morphed into a 9 day excursion and ten missed days of work for my husband. (He mentions his lack of time off every month now so I'm pretty clear on the time he had to take off). Part of this is my fault because I unequivocally told birthday boy that I would not go on a cruise to Mexico.

I live in Texas. I live the Mexican culture every day. The idea of visiting Mexico is not appealing to me. I was apparently so emphatic in my refusal to go that my husband finally asked if I was in fact Wanted in Mexico for some crime.

Well, no. But it did make me realize that when people talk about vacations or places they want to visit on very seldom do I shudder and think No Thanks. Mexico is one of these places. India is another. The fact that both these places still have leper colonies is not to be overlooked, but I'm really not sure why I am so adamant about avoiding these places.

I'd take a vacation to Tehran and Kabul over Monterrey and Bombay any day!

Since I talked about a cruise, here is the requisite Cruise room Picture (more will follow in this month of postings!!)

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