Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Close to home: Schokolad

Because I live here sometimes I forget that San Antonio is a tourist destination. The things that annoy me about this city other people like and appreciate. Like the fact that San Antonians have no pioneer spirit. Locals prefer chains, places where they know what to expect when they go out to eat. I shouldn't judge. I love me some chain food like Smith & Wollensky's or Pappsitos. I even love local chains like Taco Cabana and Bill Miller's. But I sat in judgement last weekend comparing Gigi's cupcakes (a clear national chain) to Betty Jane's (a small local bakery) and smugly proclaimed Betty Janes as better. I thought I had the ability to spot chain food from a mile away. A foodie of sorts.

I was wrong.

In the midst of errands my mother and I took my daughter to Schokolad. I made noises about being proud to support small businesses (which it is, don't get me wrong). And then when I looked for their website I found it is in fact a chain. A national chain. International if you count their ISRAELI store.

I've made clear that I'm not a fan of chocolate. Brownies and chocolate cake make me queasy. What I do like is marzipan (often covered in chocolate....dark is my preference) and anything coconut. I think I would eat pig teeth if they were coated in coconut. Typically I buy a 15 piece box with a mix of things the family loves and everyone knows which are mine to avoid. Their chocolates are fantastic and the owner of the San Antonio store is a sweetheart. If you are interested in supporting a small business with great delicacies, this is your place. If you are looking to find a non-chain store you can smugly claim to know (yes, yes I do this often) then this is not your place. I actually know of a place that is but have yet to visit there yet. Maybe that should be my homework. Sigh. If I have to!

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