Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eurail: Don't leave home without it

Years ago when I travelled to Europe with Carrie the first time we got Eurail passes that allowed us to travel a set number of days during the time we were there. They were by far one of the best purchases we made. When I answered my former student's question I realized that what happened 20 years ago may not still be correct so I checked it out.


Create your own Eurail Pass: choose five bordering countries in Europe to explore. A customized pass that makes your dream trip a reality.

You can travel the five (bordering) countries in any order you like, and travel back and forth between them, too.
Adults travel 1st class. Youth under 26 can order the discounted 2nd class Youth Pass.Groups or families can use the Saver Passes.
Children age 4-11 get a 50% discount, and groups that travel together see great savings, too!

The tricky thing is that you have to by this BEFORE you leave the US.

For travelers who are younger than 26 (counted on their 1st day of travel).
The Youth Pass gives approx. 35% discount on the Adult 1st class fare.
Valid in 2nd class only. Youth who prefer 1st class can buy an Adult Pass.
Only non-European residents can use a Eurail Pass.
You need to activate your Eurail Pass within 6 months of the issuing date.

There is also a Global Pass which covers all 22 countries!!!

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