Sunday, November 20, 2011

Terezin bus stop, the art of finding the needle in a haystack.

I always make fun of my friend Debby who takes so many pictures you can flip them like an action book. I take far fewer but my son still made fun of me with all the pictures I took on our trip last year. Stupid stuff. Like us sitting for a bus that kept passing us by.

We weren't completely stupid we did try to ask several people where the bus stop was and they would wave their hands and give us general directions. We walked all the way into the tiny town once. And I mean tiny. We learned a valuable lesson. Czech people outside Prague do not speak or understand English. Or Spanish. We tried both. So we walked back praying someone else would be going home. The day was getting late and the prospect of trying to find a hotel in Terezin was not appealing.

I tried to lighten the mood by taking a picture of us waiting for the bus that passed us by and wasn't stopping because we were obviously not waiting for him in the correct spot! Eventually we got up to walk back to the giant parking lot where they sold drinks and food and I noticed a small sign. As I got closer I realized this small unmarked sign was the bus stop back to Prague. And then immediately a group of Spanish women cross the street and asked us in heavily accented Czech if this was the spot.

My son explained in Spanish that we believed so and not long after a bus appeared and stopped. Now looking back I'm so happy I ended up with a picture of that crazy experience which to me makes travel all the more fun!

I love the older woman looking at us probably wondering why the heck we are sitting on this wall in front of nothing on the side of the street!:

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