Sunday, November 13, 2011

So can I get a window seat?

A friend of mine calls me because she is brave and travelling to meet me overseas all by herself! But she has never been on a Transatlantic flight and wanted to know where the best place to sit would be. So I offered her a few tips:

1. Get a window seat! That way you can lean against it to sleep. BUT be sure to take some sort of pillow and a blanket or jacket of sorts. There is a larger space between the plane side and seat than you would think so it can get awkward!

2. Sit where it is only two seats. You will want to get up at least twice to walk around and get blood moving in your legs. This way you aren't crawling over several people to get to the restroom etc.

3. Sit in the middle or front. These are the places served food first. The faster you get your food, the faster you can fall asleep!!! Try to get as much sleep as possible.

4. If you don't mind a hum sit over the engine. I like this as it puts me to sleep but another friend thinks it keeps her awake. So pay attention to the plane layout to make sure you are sitting where you want!

5. ALWAYS no matter what GET A SEAT ASSIGNMENT. I am shocked at the people that show up to the airport with a ticket but no seat assignment. They are the first ones bumped! Get a seat and have a better sense of security that you will make on these often overbooked planes!

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