Monday, November 21, 2011

Multi-city travel or the Hop Skip and Jump method of Travel

In the past I had always flown in and out of the same city. This made my multicountry travel much like a giant merry go round, only madly dashing to ensure that I ended in the right place at the right time to fly home.

There was no way I could do this when I wanted to travel with Stuart last year to Berlin and Prague. So I looked at the cost of flying in to one city and out the other and I was SHOCKED to discover it was cheaper to do that than it was to fly round trip to Prague. This is partly because Prague is so freaking expensive to fly to anyway.

So when I planned my Morocco trip and found that I would have a SEVENTEEN hour layover in Paris I figured this was stupid so I planned a stay there. So basically I use the AIRLINE to create my giant merry go round of travel. And by the grace of God this trip cost exactly the amount of points I had left to travel!!

Anyhoo, don't be afraid to mix it up when you travel. Don't be afraid to see more than one city much less fly in and out of more than one city. Most people only have one vacation a year (or less) don't shortchange your trip!

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